Young Professional Workshop

(Young Professional Congress Attendance Grants for INTER-NOISE 2014 are CLOSED)

Young Professionals Workshop at INTER-NOISE 2014, Sponsored by I-INCE

Day/Date: Monday 2014 November 17
Time: 15.00 – 17.30
Location: MCEC Plenary Room


  • Professional issues and case studies presented by world renowned experts
  • Informal discussions between young professionals and I-INCE leaders and senior noise control engineers


  • Young Professionals (by invitation only)
  • All I-INCE young professional grant applicants will be invited plus all students who would be attending INTER-NOISE 2014
  • All participants must be formally registered (Please contact Caterina Runyon-Spears at


  • Overview – by R. Singh, VP, Technical Activities, I-INCE
  • Presentation of the I-INCE and Melbourne Convention and Visitors Bureau (MCB) City Wide Support Young Professionals Grant Certificates by J.Scheuren, President, I-INCE & R. Singh, VP, Technical Activities, I-INCE
  • How to Present a Paper at an I-INCE Conference? – by P. Donavan, Illingworth & Rodkin
  • How to Network? – by S. Hambric, Pennsylvania State University
  • How to Publish a Paper on Noise? – by C. Burroughs, Editor – NCEJ
  • How to Involve Young Professionals in Organizing Technical Sessions? –by R. Singh, VP, Technical Activities, I-INCE
  • INTER-NOISE 2015 Young Professionals Program – by INTER-NOISE 2015 Team
  • Informal Discussions

Professor R. Singh
VP, I-INCE Technical Activities
E-mail: <>